Get Illinois Right!

40 years of over-promising and under-delivering by Mike Madigan and the Democratic Party of Illinois has pushed over 1 million residents out of our state.

It’s time for the right new candidates with the right ideas and messaging to save our state and Get Illinois Right.



Illinois deserves better

Illinois should be leading the national economy instead of trailing it.


It’s time for common sense leadership to stand up to the status quo in Springfield.  That’s virtually impossible if the same Madigan-enablers keep getting elected.  Here is a list of the current enablers:

Madigan Cash Recipients

DistrictMadigan CandidateMadigan Cash AmountRepublican Opponent
84Stephanie Kifowit$22,082Patty Smith
42Kathleen Carrier$523,083Amy Grant
45Diane Pappas$392,586Christine Winger
46Deb Conroy$1,408,118Jay Kinzler
48Terra Costa Howard$445,214Peter Breen
49Karina Villa$487,392Tonia Khouri
53Mark Walker$851,198Eddie Corrigan
54Maggie Trevor$567,204Tom Morrison
55Marty Moylan$989,481Marilyn Smolenski
56Michelle Mussman$918,063Jillian Bernas
59Daniel Didech$318,194Karen Feldman
61Joyce Mason$475,993Sheri Jesiel
62Sam Yingling$1,991,971Ken Idstein
65Richard Johnson$539,334Dan Ugaste
68Jake Castanza$65,742John Cabello
79Lisa Dugan$181,262Lindsay Parkhurst
97Mica Freeman$471,968Mark Batinick
98Natalie Manley$562,961Alyssia Benford
111Monica Bristow$525,961Mike Babcock
112Katie Stuart$1,095,066Dwight Kay
115Marsha Griffin$464,163Terri Bryant
116Jerry Costello$849,386David Friess
117Jason Woolard$163,539Dave Severin
118Natalie Phelps Finnie$194,133Patrick Windhorst


Get Illinois Right
P.O. Box 409
Plainfield IL 60544